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It’s Never Easy

I have fallen way behind my 2017 schedule. I’m not sure how to catch up and yes, it’s frustrating. I have been managing to puke out around 500 words a day of my second book. I know it doesn’t sound

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Highs and Lows

So, previously I reported on the tough feedback I received on my first book. I’m glad I didn’t publish it. Anyway, my goal on words had been 1,000 per day. I was good for awhile at keeping that pace, but

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Deflated Like a Child’s Balloon

As I’ve mentioned previously, my first book ‘hero’ is out for review with a number of people. The story is definitely getting thumbs up so a little pat on the back for that. Yeah!!! Now for the bad news. I

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I’ve Been a Good Author

While I wait for the reviews from my writer’s Meetup about ‘hero’, I’ve slowly moving ahead on my other books. The book I intend on making permafree called ‘The Lazy Writer’s Guide to Finishing a Book’ I have managed to

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