Down Down Down

It’s been a rough week. I’ve been busy working on my book analytics app ‘Inscriba’. It’s an app to help indie authors use analytics to improve sales through analytics. I’m not a very good developer but I have been plodding my way through the process. Anyway, that app has been eating up my time and so have fallen behind on my daily word commitment. I’m a bad author!

It’s just part and parcel of being an author, Writing is a battle. It’s a battle you have to fight everyday. Some battles you lose. Still, I always remind myself that you can’t be a writer if you don’t write. Every day. I’ll try to get back on the horse. As a reminder, I was about halfway done with my second book when I stopped.

The process after the rough draft is done will still be; first run through 1) add description 2) fill in story gaps 3) fix obvious mistakes and second run through will be putting the book through an online editor. The third run through will be handing off the book to an actual editor. Finally, I will have friends and family and other interested parties read the book before it is released. I believe that will catch as many problems as possible.

I’ve been wavering on what to write after the second fiction book, but non-fiction seems likely. It’s a good break. I am going to do my best to make up for lost time and try to hit my April 6th deadline to finish the rough draft of my second book. Why April 6 you might ask? That’s when I get group feedback on my first book ‘hero’ and I will have to focus on that to incorporate changes. It never stops. Ha ha.

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Highs and Lows

So, previously I reported on the tough feedback I received on my first book. I’m glad I didn’t publish it. Anyway, my goal on words had been 1,000 per day. I was good for awhile at keeping that pace, but I might have gotten a little burned out. I’ve missed writing the last few days. I will try to get some done today.

I’m at about 27,000 words on my second book, “The Boys of Brighton Beach” which is Indian historical fiction. I have a list of events that should happen throughout the story and have been picking a couple each day to hammer out. The words aren’t pretty. I’m basically just puking them out but at least I have them documented. Putting them in separate word docs allows me to decide later the order. Yes, I know Scrivener does this very thing better, I just don’t have the patience to learn Scrivener right now. Later, maybe.

Based on the events I have left and about 500 words per event, I estimate that the first rough draft will be about 54,000 words meaning I’m about halfway. I’m still hoping to finish the rough draft by the time I get feedback from my first book from my whole Meetup group on April 6. The bad part is that I’m about 20,000 words short of where I want to be. I’m hoping that my first editing run through, I will find missing events and add lots of description which will add a good amount of words to the total. We shall see.

I’m still anxiously waiting for the rest of the feedback on my first book ‘hero’ to come in. God I’m nervous!

On a personal note, I recently went to get an eye exam. My Lasik surgery from 16 years ago is wearing off. I needed to order glasses so I did. It’s the end of an era or simply the start of a new one.


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Deflated Like a Child’s Balloon

As I’ve mentioned previously, my first book ‘hero’ is out for review with a number of people. The story is definitely getting thumbs up so a little pat on the back for that. Yeah!!!

Now for the bad news. I recently received feedback from a published author and while she liked the story, there were a number of issues she brought up. The said I still tell too much rather than show. She also emphasized that a content editor would really help me. Especially to fill in gaps in the story that she thought would make it even better.

The critique went on and on for many paragraphs. I felt like it would never end. That was when I realized that there is still a long road ahead of me to be able to put this book up for sale.ย That is a deflating feeling after a nine year journey already. I expected that far fewer edits would be necessary since I had already gone through it a couple of times.

I’ve written parts of the next few books which makes me want to toss them since I likely repeated her highlighted mistakes. I actually have already written 25,000 words of my next fiction book, ‘The Boys of Brighton Beach’. That hurts now.

Well, I guess as in anything in life, I have a choice. Quit or just keep moving forward.

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The Author’s Curse

Inconsistency has been the name of the game. Sometimes, I was able to write my minimum word count of 500 while other days I got nothing done. A few days though, I did manage to write 1,000 plus words which definitely lifted my spirits ๐Ÿ™‚ I always remind yourself that the only way you can call yourself a writer is if you sit down and write…every day.

Still, I need to hit it. I have a lot of book goals for 2017 and the only way I’ll come close to hitting them is to crank every day. So what’s the plan going forward?

I am working on my second fiction book ‘The Boys of Brighton Beach’. I have created a note with the various important events that happen to the main characters. They are not chapters per se, but help me in writing the story. Each day I hope to write two of these mini-stories totaling over 1,000 words. My target is to complete writing these mini-stories by April 2nd. The total word count should be 55,000+ words. I will then do round one of editing. Round one involves me going through the entire story, identifying unnecessary material or missing content and adding details which really make the story. I will also divide it into chapters which make sense. Round two involves running the chapters through an online editor which will really help to clean it up. By this point, I expect to be around 75,000 words. I will then submit this version of the book to an editor for round three. After those changes are incorporated, it will go out to family and friends.

I’m not sure how long this will take, but that’s the plan. Additionally, I will be working on other books plus my blogs as well. Buckle up, it’s gonna be crazy in order to hit my goals ๐Ÿ™‚

Are you having the same problems as me? What did you do to push on?

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Keep the Momentum

So, I’ve been gone for a week camping at Big Bend National Park. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you should definitely check it out. It was beautiful! Ok, enough of that. On to the business at hand.

I nervously wait for feedback about my first book ‘hero’ which is my first fiction effort. Next up I have four books that I am kind of working on simultaneously; The Lazy Writer’s Guide to Finishing a Book, Confessions of a Failure, The Boys of Brighton Beach (Fiction) and This Time is Different.

I plan on making the Lazy Writer’s Guide a permafree book which will have the offer to receive another free book when it is ready (if they sign up for my newsletter).

I have a goal of writing 500 words a day which I had been keeping before I left for my trip. I will pick it up from today, but I am considering whether that needs to be increased given how many books I have in the stable. I want the number to be high enough that I feel like I am moving forward towards finishing all of my books but low enough that I feel like it is attainable each day. Otherwise I might quit doing it.

I definitely need to monetize each book so there is a certain amount of pressure to move forward as aggressively as possible.

That’s the update folks! Back to actual writing ๐Ÿ™‚


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I’ve Been a Good Author

While I wait for the reviews from my writer’s Meetup about ‘hero’, I’ve slowly moving ahead on my other books. The book I intend on making permafree called ‘The Lazy Writer’s Guide to Finishing a Book’ I have managed to push forward a little more each day. I believe I have all the content I need to put this together. Basically my word count is at about 10,000 and I haven’t really done much writing yet.

The next step is to research how to write a humorous non-fiction book and try to incorporate as much of that into this book as makes sense. I’ve already fallen behind my schedule for 2017 so I need to hustle to get this done. I applaud myself though for pushing this forward ๐Ÿ™‚

My next fiction book (historical Indian fiction) is titled ‘The Boys of Brighton Beach’. I’ll provide a more in depth summary on another post, but basically it’s about 5 teenage boys find adventure across the world and end up in India where their world is changed forever. I’ve recently set a word count goal for each day. I read somewhere that if you want to call yourself a writer, you have actually write I decided to take the step of enforcing a daily word count. I’ve been pretty good about hitting it too. It’s not a big goal though. Only 500 words. Still, sticking to the writing is important and I have been. Again, I applaud myself.

‘hero’, ‘The Lazy Writer’s Guide to Finishing a Book’ and ‘The Boys of Brighton Beach will all be released in the first half of 2017. More books are also on the way as you can see from the picture. That image is for my non-fiction book ‘This Time is Different’ which “celebrates” 100 years since the fall of Russia to communism. Timely, no?

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Now or Later

I have a bit of a dilemma today. As I mentioned in my previous post, my writer’s Meetup group is beta reading my book ‘hero’. Great, right? Well, kind of. Feedback is not expected back until April 6. Sad face here.

Ok, so now what do I do? I can finish editing on my own, incorporate the feedback I have gotten and upload it for sale. Then in April, after I have received new feedback from the Meetup group, I can incorporate the new feedback and upload that version for sale. Or I can simply not do anything with this book until April and finish it then.

My Meetup leader says I should put aside this book and start work on another to clear my head. I’m not sure what makes sense though. I need to sell books, because monetizing this is important but I don’t want to put something less than great up for sale.

Any thoughts?


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