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On the Cusp

I know. I know. I’ve been finishing for two months now. Actually, this is for real. I’m editing the last two chapters of ‘hero’. After that, some minor adjustments and checks like making sure my dates make sense or cleaning

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Mad Dash to the Finish

I’m editing like crazy this weekend. After ten plus years of off and on work on my first book ‘hero’ the end is in sight. I’ll be honest though, the last couple of months have been tough. As a runner,

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A Big Step Forward

I plan on reading my eBook out loud to catch any errors before I put it up for sale in the Kindle store. I also want to get feedback from Authors. The problem is finding people to read the book.

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What a Difference Editing Makes

I’ve finished the editing and formatting. Wow what a difference that makes. As far as formatting goes, making sure each chapter used the Headline 1 style (so it would show up in the table of contents properly) was a pain

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