It’s Never Easy

I have fallen way behind my 2017 schedule. I’m not sure how to catch up and yes, it’s frustrating. I have been managing to puke out around 500 words a day of my second book. I know it doesn’t sound like much but its hard to see how I could write much more than that. Perhaps a dedicated day where I commit to writing 5,000 words? That would definitely give me a push to the finish. My estimate for the first version of my second book is around 55,000 words. I think I am around 35,000 words right now so still 20,000 words to go. At 500 words a day, that would take 40 more days to get to version one. Far too long! I need some big days to blow this out. Even at 500 words a day though, I have to confess, it’s kind of cool seeing the story come together.

The other issue is that while I received feedback on hero, my first book, I have barely started incorporating it. I have so much to do there. I’m not sure why I haven’t moved forward on that since its so close to done. Shame on me!

As a writer you have to commit to your craft and to yourself. I’ll do that here. After nine years, I owe it to myself to bring my first book to a wonderful, high quality conclusion giving the readers a book they can cherish. No delay. I will incorporate some editing of ‘hero’ into each day going forward in order to get it done.


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