Running through Mud but at Least it Looks Like the Right Direction

My writing style, to put it kindly, is unique. Others might describe it as haphazard or even disgraceful ;-). I’m okay with any of those terms really. There is no one right way.

For my second book, ‘The Boys of Brighton Beach’ which is Indian historical fiction I’ve been kind of keeping up with my 500 words a day goal. However, this is simply puking up words for each chapter that I decide to work on. It doesn’t mean it reads well or more importantly that I’ve done any significant historical research. I might already know a little bit about 19th century ships or schools or whatever and I’ll use that in my 500 words or I’ll do a minimal amount of research to have something to write about. You’ll note in very rough draft that details feel minimal because I avoid specifics about things I don’t know a ton about. I’m just trying to get the story down.

When I finish the very rough draft, I intend on very thoroughly researching whatever’s appropriate for each chapter. I will keep an inventory of these historical details so I can recycle wherever possible but ultimately, I will use that research to add beautiful details to the very rough draft.

Is this the most sensible way to write a book? Probably not but it works for me. I’m sure you have a method that works for you. Don’t let someone tell you that their method is better but also don’t be afraid to tinker to see if you can the most efficient method for you.

Keep writing!


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