Not perfect but I’ll take it

I haven’t been feeling well but I can’t accept excuses. While it hasn’t been everyday, I have been writing more of late momentum seems to have returned. I think what really kicked my ass was seeing what I had planned to write for 2017 versus what I had gotten done. Multiple books was my goal and it seemed possible in January but I’m way behind. I have pieces of various books written all at different stages but I need to push to get them finished. While this still might be wishful thinking here is my finish schedule for 2017 books:

“hero” upload by 5/31

Status: 70,000 words undergoing final editing

“The Boys of Brighton Beach” upload by 6/30

Status: 30,000 words being written. Target 70,000 words

“This Time is Different” upload by 8/15

Status: I’ve done plenty of research and have copied relevant content into my document. Word count is 20,000+ with a target of 40,000 words.

“The Road to Startup City” upload by 9/15

“Confessions of a failure” upload by 10/31

Status: Outline with minimal content is done

“20/20 Foresight: The Stephen Greyhawk journals” upload by 12/31

Status: Rough outline in my head but nothing further than that


So, that’s where I stand as of today. Just gonna try to do whatever I can each day. I hope to plan for a big writing day soon. I want to sit down for an entire day until I write 10,000 words. If I did that just twice a month, I could really push my writing forward but we’ll see.


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