Highs and Lows

So, previously I reported on the tough feedback I received on my first book. I’m glad I didn’t publish it. Anyway, my goal on words had been 1,000 per day. I was good for awhile at keeping that pace, but I might have gotten a little burned out. I’ve missed writing the last few days. I will try to get some done today.

I’m at about 27,000 words on my second book, “The Boys of Brighton Beach” which is Indian historical fiction. I have a list of events that should happen throughout the story and have been picking a couple each day to hammer out. The words aren’t pretty. I’m basically just puking them out but at least I have them documented. Putting them in separate word docs allows me to decide later the order. Yes, I know Scrivener does this very thing better, I just don’t have the patience to learn Scrivener right now. Later, maybe.

Based on the events I have left and about 500 words per event, I estimate that the first rough draft will be about 54,000 words meaning I’m about halfway. I’m still hoping to finish the rough draft by the time I get feedback from my first book from my whole Meetup group on April 6. The bad part is that I’m about 20,000 words short of where I want to be. I’m hoping that my first editing run through, I will find missing events and add lots of description which will add a good amount of words to the total. We shall see.

I’m still anxiously waiting for the rest of the feedback on my first book ‘hero’ to come in. God I’m nervous!

On a personal note, I recently went to get an eye exam. My Lasik surgery from 16 years ago is wearing off. I needed to order glasses so I did. It’s the end of an era or simply the start of a new one.



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One comment on “Highs and Lows
  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know that you have an amazing novel that is ready for your attention to make it what it could be. The criticism you received should be inspiring and help you understand that you are really great at telling a story. It is my hope that we inspire you to be the best you can be. We all need that. You ARE a great energetic writer.


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