Deflated Like a Child’s Balloon

As I’ve mentioned previously, my first book ‘hero’ is out for review with a number of people. The story is definitely getting thumbs up so a little pat on the back for that. Yeah!!!

Now for the bad news. I recently received feedback from a published author and while she liked the story, there were a number of issues she brought up. The said I still tell too much rather than show. She also emphasized that a content editor would really help me. Especially to fill in gaps in the story that she thought would make it even better.

The critique went on and on for many paragraphs. I felt like it would never end. That was when I realized that there is still a long road ahead of me to be able to put this book up for sale. That is a deflating feeling after a nine year journey already. I expected that far fewer edits would be necessary since I had already gone through it a couple of times.

I’ve written parts of the next few books which makes me want to toss them since I likely repeated her highlighted mistakes. I actually have already written 25,000 words of my next fiction book, ‘The Boys of Brighton Beach’. That hurts now.

Well, I guess as in anything in life, I have a choice. Quit or just keep moving forward.


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