The Author’s Curse

Inconsistency has been the name of the game. Sometimes, I was able to write my minimum word count of 500 while other days I got nothing done. A few days though, I did manage to write 1,000 plus words which definitely lifted my spirits 🙂 I always remind yourself that the only way you can call yourself a writer is if you sit down and write…every day.

Still, I need to hit it. I have a lot of book goals for 2017 and the only way I’ll come close to hitting them is to crank every day. So what’s the plan going forward?

I am working on my second fiction book ‘The Boys of Brighton Beach’. I have created a note with the various important events that happen to the main characters. They are not chapters per se, but help me in writing the story. Each day I hope to write two of these mini-stories totaling over 1,000 words. My target is to complete writing these mini-stories by April 2nd. The total word count should be 55,000+ words. I will then do round one of editing. Round one involves me going through the entire story, identifying unnecessary material or missing content and adding details which really make the story. I will also divide it into chapters which make sense. Round two involves running the chapters through an online editor which will really help to clean it up. By this point, I expect to be around 75,000 words. I will then submit this version of the book to an editor for round three. After those changes are incorporated, it will go out to family and friends.

I’m not sure how long this will take, but that’s the plan. Additionally, I will be working on other books plus my blogs as well. Buckle up, it’s gonna be crazy in order to hit my goals 🙂

Are you having the same problems as me? What did you do to push on?

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