Keep the Momentum

So, I’ve been gone for a week camping at Big Bend National Park. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you should definitely check it out. It was beautiful! Ok, enough of that. On to the business at hand.

I nervously wait for feedback about my first book ‘hero’ which is my first fiction effort. Next up I have four books that I am kind of working on simultaneously; The Lazy Writer’s Guide to Finishing a Book, Confessions of a Failure, The Boys of Brighton Beach (Fiction) and This Time is Different.

I plan on making the Lazy Writer’s Guide a permafree book which will have the offer to receive another free book when it is ready (if they sign up for my newsletter).

I have a goal of writing 500 words a day which I had been keeping before I left for my trip. I will pick it up from today, but I am considering whether that needs to be increased given how many books I have in the stable. I want the number to be high enough that I feel like I am moving forward towards finishing all of my books but low enough that I feel like it is attainable each day. Otherwise I might quit doing it.

I definitely need to monetize each book so there is a certain amount of pressure to move forward as aggressively as possible.

That’s the update folks! Back to actual writing 🙂



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