One Step at a Time is How You Finish a Long Journey

So, I’ve been adding readers and getting feedback bit by bit. I meet people all over and I keep asking people to read my book. One Meetup group that I recently joined has decided to beta read my book first which is terrifying and amazing. I have over fifteen other readers besides that so good times.

No matter what you do ahead of time, this will be a grind. Don’t let anyone tell you different. It’s like pushing a boulder uphill.

I can’t decide when to put the book up for sale. I’m reading it out loud currently and will be done this week. I guess I want to make sure that have some reviews ready before I put it up as that will help push up my ranking :-).

Getting people to read it is still like pulling teeth though. As an introvert, its not really an enjoyable experience. I feel kind of slimy sometimes 😦

I’ve also been working on what I plan to be a permafree eBook, but work on that has slowed, so we’ll see when I can pick that back up.

I’ll keep going. Either you keep pushing the boulder up or it comes back down on you. No choice but to keep going I guess.

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