There’s Always Another Detour

So, the book editing is continuing with me reading it out loud. Ouch! While I had made many changes during my previous editing sessions, I guess I caused some problems as well. I am finding those problems as I read the book out loud. I’m glad I’m doing this. Highly recommended. Read your book out loud before putting it up for sale!

As I mentioned previously, I have sent my book to friends and family as well as people I have met randomly trying to get feedback and reviews. One person has returned her feedback and, that’s right, it’s the girl from Thanks family. Thanks friends :-0

I don’t know what this girl expects for a single review though 😉

BTW, I did reach out to fourteen domestic violence groups and so far three have indicated interest in reading my book. That’s not bad at all!

Finally, I as I slowly transition from writing/editing to marketing of ‘hero’ I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of reviews. I came across a very interesting answer on Quora about using rankings to determine sales (you can’t). One of the answers goes through and explains though that you can use reviews to estimate sales. The author said that you can multiply the number of reviews times a multiple (low:20, medium:140, high:600) to come up with a rough number. This doesn’t apply when are very few reviews apparently, but otherwise produces reasonable estimates. If I get ten reviews right off the bat, the range of sales would be low: 10×20=200, medium: 10×140=1,400, high: 10×600=6,000. From a money perspective, since I plan on pricing at $4.99, my after Amazon take would be $3.44 per book. Thus money from the low forecast would be: $688, a medium forecast would produce: $4,816 and a high forecast would produce: $20,640. Obviously, I will try to make my own estimates and not rely too heavily on the above, but it does give me an idea of where I should try to be.

My goal should be to try and get at least five reviews every month and target the medium forecast multiple.

We’ll see how it all fleshes out. In the meantime, back to reading out loud and catching more errors.


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