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You may think the writing is the hardest part of putting together a book. Or maybe its the editing. I know that in particular sucked for me. But in all honest for many writers who tend to be introverted by nature, marketing may be the real drag of writing and selling a book.

I’m beginning that stage of my efforts and I’m already finding it hard. I’ve started by asking friends and family to read my book. Some have read it previously. I don’t know how many will, but hoping at least some. I’ve also asked people I meet in my new town of Dallas to read it and gotten a few yes replies that way. I even asked a girl on Match to read it (she said yes). Finally, I reached out to various South Asian Domestic Violence groups to see if might read it. Two have said yes so far.

In total, my guess is that I have 10-12 people for sure reading the book. Not nearly enough so have to keep plugging away. I was hoping to hold off on putting it up for sale until I had 25 people who were willing to put up reviews for me but not sure when that will be. I may have to put it up next week regardless. The reviews will come in whenever.

Additionally, I posted in a writer’s group on Facebook and there were mixed reviews on my cover. I’m considering putting the cover work on Fiverr for some editing.

I’ll keep plugging away on getting readers. Guess it will take me longer to get where I need to be. In the meantime, I’ve already started on my next book: The Lazy Writer’s Guide to Finishing a Book in only Eight Years. It’s a fun, sarcastic look at all the rookie mistakes I made in my journey to write my first book. Only twelve thousand words or so.

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