What a Difference Editing Makes

I’ve finished the editing and formatting. Wow what a difference that makes. As far as formatting goes, making sure each chapter used the Headline 1 style (so it would show up in the table of contents properly) was a pain in the ass. I also provide date and location information below that. Initially, I styled them Headline 2 but they showed up in the TOC, show I had to go back and just style them normal and then bold them. Extra work, but it looks good now and TOC isn’t screwed up 🙂 I also added a title on the Headline 1 line to give the reader some idea when scrolling through the TOC.

I also copied over my preface, acknowledgements and some other introductory material from a previous version of the book. Some light editing was necessary.

I added a warning in red on one of the early pages to say that the book contains violence and rape scenes which I thought was appropriate.

In the front and back of the word document, I added a page which gives the web address for my blog and for my launch rock page to sign up for my newsletter. Hopefully that helps. For some reason though, my launch rock page seems to not be working. Will have to  figure that out somehow.

When I first published this book a few years ago, I rushed through the process, just to get it done. I was tired of it. Unfortunately, me being ADD meant that I missed too many things although some things I couldn’t have been expected to know about. Anyway, I was really disgusted with myself when I realized all the issues that existed.

This time, I was more careful and followed steps, took advice. Is it perfect? I don’t think that is possible. Certainly not for me. I think it is a touching story that captures my original idea very well. I look at it now and I feel so much more confident now than when I first uploaded it in 2013. I hope it is reflected in the story and readers find it rewarding.

Anyway, so what’s next. I’m letting it rest tonight. Tomorrow or Tuesday, I plan on skimming through the entire book to see if I can catch any last minute errors. Then I will upload it into a format that I can easily email to others for review/reading. I am looking for readers to put reviews into the Kindle store. Fair reviews only 🙂

I haven’t decided whether I will be uploading the book into the Kindle store this week or I should wait until some people finish the book. We’ll see. Right now though, I’m savoring the moment of a pretty beautiful book. I’m proud of myself for my 8+ years of work.





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