Onto Final Steps

So, I’ve just finished putting in translations for certain foreign words. I am not using something at the end of the book, but rather, I periodically put the english translation in parentheses after the foreign word. This is only for certain words that appear frequently. Additionally, I do not provide any translation for in dialogue foreign words. I let the context take care of that. Hopefully, that works for readers.

What’s next?

Running my book through the software kind of jumbled up my words and paragraphs. I have to figure out what the proper formatting for sentences and paragraphs should be and recreate that.

I periodically still catch small errors so hopefully, I will catch any remaining issues during this last bit of work.

After the sentences and paragraphs are finished. I have to import the preface and thank you sections as well as create a title page. Finally, a table of contents must be created.

I may take a final look through on Wednesday night before I convert it into an mailable format then. Finally, on Thursday I expect to upload it for sale.

That’s the plan at least.


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