Five things to Love About Finishing Editing

Today, I finally completed editing for my eBook ‘hero’. Yippee! Problems the last thirty chapters were similar to the previous chapters. At least I was consistently terrible, right? Haha. I have all my chapters in one document and of course it’s been edited but obviously, it doesn’t end here. Starting tomorrow, I have to start formatting the document per Amazon’s rules to make it look good. I will post the rules I collect. That’s the next step. I’m not sure how long that will take, but hopefully not too bad. On the downhill now baby!

In meantime, I thought you might like what I felt when I realized I had completed editing. In no particular order, the five things to love about finishing editing:

  1. The rush that you get after so many days (and nights ) of struggling with words that just did not want to work with you to make sense.
  2. A feeling of now what? It’s almost a let down. Don’t do that to yourself! There’s more work such as formatting to do.
  3. Jamming to some high energy music as a reward. Stone Temple Pilots worked just fine for me.
  4. Though I’m not done, it is a major sense of accomplishment. The first time I published my eBook, I thought I had edited. Please! That was nothing. Completing this editing was a long journey and I learned a lot. I’m glad it’s over.
  5. The satisfaction of knowing I’ve done good work!

Thanks Pro Writing Aid! That went faster than I expected.

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