Authors Like all Artists are Troubled

I’ve been up and down the last couple of days as I attempted to push on in editing. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood. Is it me or are all authors or more generally artists of any type generally moody?

Yesterday, I barely got anything done. Anyway, today I managed to crank out 37 chapters and get through the end of the book. Don’t get excited though. I still have to do the other tabs for the first 83 chapters so not done.

Even after I get through those 83 chapters, I plan on putting everything into one document and running it through Pro Writing Aid one final time looking at some extra tabs I didn’t look at initially such as Dialogue and Pacing and more. There’s a whole bunch of stuff I don’t even understand. Granted, that’s not a high hurdle 🙂 but they could be useful to smarter people than me.

I was shocked by how much I had used words like ‘suddenly’, ‘quickly’ and ‘started walking’. Ridiculous! Fixed now.

After editing, than its onto formatting so everything looks perfect. I also need to put the document into a format that can be easily emailed so I can start recruiting people to read the book and provide reviews.

I’m getting closer though, so excited about that. I also recently was admitted to a writer’s critique group here in Dallas. Feeling less mood documenting today’s success. Have to keep the momentum up tomorrow and Sunday. Good times!

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