The Big Mo

Today could have easily been one of those days I let slip away into unproductivity. However, while I struggled for chunks of the day, I managed to fight my way to achieving the goal which was 40 edited chapters using the editing software.

I can definitely feel that I have the momentum now and if I had hair (and I was outside on a motorcycle) I would be able to feel the wind in it. It’s exciting!

The plan, assuming I am able to keep the same pace, is to finish the editing on Thursday and take the weekend for last minute edits/adjustments. Next week is for formatting, book description and if everything goes to plan maybe even uploading 🙂

I also need to make a list of people who would be interested in reading my book for a review. I’m hoping to give away at least one thousand copies.

As far as this editing session, a lot of similar problems to yesterday. Too many ‘that’ s. Too much passive verb use and so on. I still find some one off errors which are good to catch.

Thanks to this software, this editing is going so much faster than I expected and catching things I’m not sure I would have caught. The only thing that worries me is that I’ve been told in my Writer’s critique group that I use ‘was’ too often. So far using the software, I haven’t seen any issues with ‘was’. Is my usage ok or is the software not catching it? Hmmm. Something I will have to keep in the back of my mind.

Just a little more and it will all be done!

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