Back on the Attack

I didn’t post yesterday. My apologies. It was just one of those days and it will happen from time to time as an author. Hopefully, not too often. Today I resume my Pro Writing Aid editing and man, did I crank. I managed to get through 40 chapters today! I start tomorrow at chapter 43 which is great. I hope to be able to come as close to 40 chapters as possible tomorrow.

I saw a lot of passive verb use highlighted. I wasn’t sure how big of a problem this really is so I changed some, but not all. The software also pointed out my excessive and unnecessary use of ‘That’ which I mostly deleted. Finally, I use the phrase (or similar phrase) begin to walk, started to sweep, etc ALOT. Those all got changed.

Smaller or less frequent problems were also highlighted which I addressed. Also, I noticed some small issues which I can’t fix within the software but which I will have to fix later.

Today was good. I just need to keep the momentum up for the rest of this week and I can be onto formatting. Much faster than expected! Thanks Pro Writing Aid!

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