Friday Night Fail

So, tonight for the first time since I started this blog (not that long, I admit) I failed to achieve my five chapter goal. I only got three chapters done. There only four chapters remaining to be edited for this run through so it’s sad it happened near the end but it’s almost finished regardless. I moved forward today and that’s what is important. Whether a lot or a little, my experience as an author is that you simply have to find a way to move forward. How much doesn’t matter.

Tomorrow, possibly, I will start the final run through of my eBook “hero” using Pro Writing Aid. While I do offer the affiliate link and it works for me, you should make sure it works for you. It is not a blanket recommendation. Do your own due diligence. Once I start Pro Writing Aid, I am hoping to do ten chapters a day. We’ll see how I manage that. Have a great day writing!

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