A Struggling Author

For the second day in a row, I struggled to motivate myself to get my chapters edited earlier in the day. It’s 1:00 AM now and I just finished editing my five chapters. Sucks to be me!

Key takeaways from today’s work was I noticed I did add in quite a few ‘was’ in sentences. That makes me nervous. My overuse of ‘was’ has been pointed out to me previously. What are alternatives to ‘was’? Please suggest in comments. I also noticed a lot of small comma errors such as commas outside the quotes instead of inside.

I also wonder if I am adding in enough detail. That’s been feedback I’ve received. It would add a lot of flavor to the story, I’ve been told. It’s on my mind. How do you know? This is not a science, it’s an art so a lot of guesswork, which can be frustrating in and of itself. Even if I add enough detail, how do I know it is the right kind of detail? My mind is spinning!

Being an author is not easy especially at this time of the morning. I’ll pick it up tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the last day of editing for this run through and then it’s off to use Pro Writing Aid!

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