Goal Met, Just Barely!

So today, I almost missed my goal of five chapters edited but I made it, although very late. I kind of drifted a bit during the day and struggled to keep up the minimum motivation I had built up. I got home late tonight and it would have been easy to just have gone to bed and try again tomorrow. I am proud of myself for insisting that I stayed up to edit five chapters and post the blog post here. Very proud! Thank you to the people reading this blog because it kept me accountable today 🙂

Key themes from these five chapters? Hmmm. I’m concerned about possibly using ‘was’ and ‘could’ too much. We’ll see what Pro Writing Aid has to say in my final editing run through.

Writing Improvement Software

I’ve made it to chapter 141! Tomorrow five more chapters and I definitely feel the wind at my back. The end is nigh!


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