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The Slog

You may think the writing is the hardest part of putting together a book. Or maybe its the editing. I know that in particular sucked for me. But in all honest for many writers who tend to be introverted by

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A Free Book in Your Stocking

It’s the holiday season so of course I want to generous and thank the many people who have helped me get to this point. That includes the readers of my blog so here’s the offer: For a limited time, I

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A Big Step Forward

I plan on reading my eBook out loud to catch any errors before I put it up for sale in the Kindle store. I also want to get feedback from Authors. The problem is finding people to read the book.

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What a Difference Editing Makes

I’ve finished the editing and formatting. Wow what a difference that makes. As far as formatting goes, making sure each chapter used the Headline 1 style (so it would show up in the table of contents properly) was a pain

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Onto Final Steps

So, I’ve just finished putting in translations for certain foreign words. I am not using something at the end of the book, but rather, I periodically put the english translation in parentheses after the foreign word. This is only for

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Five things to Love About Finishing Editing

Today, I finally completed editing for my eBook ‘hero’. Yippee! Problems the last thirty chapters were similar to the previous chapters. At least I was consistently terrible, right? Haha. I have all my chapters in one document and of course

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Authors Like all Artists are Troubled

I’ve been up and down the last couple of days as I attempted to push on in editing. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood. Is it me or are all authors or more generally artists of any type generally

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