More Chapters, More Self-Doubt

I achieved my goal of editing five more chapters as I approach the end of the book for this run through. Yippee!

Still, I have my doubts as some things I change and others I don’t. I always wonder if I made the right choices. Sometimes I think I’ve just been switching things back and forth with each run through. I guess self-doubt and being critical are hallmarks of authors.

The five chapters covered today are particularly important because it includes the part where my protagonist becomes the hero. It is key and it has to come across believable and authentic. Is there a 100% way to know if I’ve achieved that? No. Thus, it’s just a guessing game. That’s what I’m struggling with. I don’t know if I’m making the story better with my editing. I’d like to think so, but who knows.

I start at chapter 136 tomorrow with a goal of again five chapters. You probably have noticed that I’ve only been hitting the minimum five chapters each day and not exceeding. I’m just happy to be moving forward again although, of course, I wish I could do many more chapters each day. I still need to add one chapter which I think will add to the depth of the story. It gives my protagonist more depth specifically.

Anyway, another successful day, albeit with doubts. If and when I start getting positive reviews, I will be less worried but right now I’m tense that my book still sucks.

Time for bed!

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