Editing Well or Creating More Problems?

As I am going through the editing process, sometimes I am not sure whether I am helping or hurting myself. It’s not like math. The solution is what the solution is. Writing and editing is truly an art and I’m definitely still a learner in this field.

Today, I started editing some very key chapters in my story. I managed to get to chapter 131 which achieved my goal of five chapters today. Twenty one more chapters to go for this run through.

I am concerned as I noticed that the word ‘was’ found its way into my edits a fair number of times. I have been critiqued previously for using ‘was’ too often. I’m not sure if it was too much or not. When I run the book through Pro Writing Aid

Writing Improvement Software,

I’m sure I will find it if I have too much of that.

I don’t know what alternatives I can use for ‘was’ so I guess I will have to research. I will try to stay aware of my ‘was’ usage’ as I finish up editing.

Anyway, goal achieved today. Will try again tomorrow for five chapters.

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