Charging Into the Finish

So, I’ve been “editing” or rather “re-editing” my eBook for months now. It’s gone slowly. Motivation has been an issue, I won’t lie. At times it’s felt overwhelming and I wanted to stop. Bit by bit though, not always consistently I pushed my rewrite forward. At this point, I’m at chapter 126 of 151 for the second to last run through of the book. I’m trying to add more color/details as suggested by others and include a new chapter. Then the final run through I will put each chapter through the Pro Writing aid editor

Writing Improvement Software

and will fix as many issues as are highlighted. That should go fairly quickly as I won’t be slowed down by any obvious errors plus the software highlights what needs to be fixed. (I currently use the free version of Pro writing aid but may purchase the software at some point)

After that, I will format the document and make any last minute adjustments to content, etc before uploading. Then I will of course have to find as many people as possible to give this book free to. I will need fair reviews and lots of them.

I will use this blog for accountability as I have struggled with my focus on getting books done. Each day I will talk about what I’ve gotten done to push my book forward.

Today, I edited a few chapters to get me to 126. I hope to keep the momentum going this whole week.

Interested in reading my book for free in exchange for a fair review? Send me a message!

After my first book is completed and up for sale, don’t worry. This blog doesn’t end there. I will talk about the marketing for that book. Additionally, I have other books, some of which I have already started, which I will be working on and taking about here. It’s a never ending journey as an author!


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