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More Chapters, More Self-Doubt

I achieved my goal of editing five more chapters as I approach the end of the book for this run through. Yippee! Still, I have my doubts as some things I change and others I don’t. I always wonder if

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Editing Well or Creating More Problems?

As I am going through the editing process, sometimes I am not sure whether I am helping or hurting myself. It’s not like math. The solution is what the solution is. Writing and editing is truly an art and I’m

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Charging Into the Finish

So, I’ve been “editing” or rather “re-editing” my eBook for months now. It’s gone slowly. Motivation has been an issue, I won’t lie. At times it’s felt overwhelming and I wanted to stop. Bit by bit though, not always consistently

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In the Beginning….

I’m an author or at least I think I am. An author in progress I guess. I’ve had an eBook in the Kindle store. only later did I discover all the mistakes that first time authors tend to make in

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